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AML/KYT Policy

AML/KYT Policy


In order to counteract the legalization of proceeds from crime

and the financing of terrorism, the service flashobmen.com applies this policy to identify such transactions

and conducts an AML check of digital assets received from users.


KYT policy (Know Your Transaction).


For these purposes, the Service has the right to use any legitimate information, third-party means of analyzing the origin of digital assets.


In case a digital asset (transaction) is identified as highly risky

and have a total risk percentage of 40% or have a value in the Dark - High Risk assessment (Hydra, Gambling, Exchange Fraud, Scam, Stolen, Mixer, Ransom, Sanctions, Child Exploitation and Terrorism Financing and other) Service Flashobmen.com can suspend the operation for verification, to determine such a transaction is used service https://web.amlbot.com .


Service Flashobmen.com reserves the right to:



1. Suspend the transaction for up to 7 days, provided there is no request from the competent authorities for the transaction, or withhold the user's funds until the incident is fully investigated.


2. Request from the User any additional information revealing the origin of digital assets and/or confirmation that these assets were not obtained by criminal means (Screen/Video from the Personal Account of the digital asset withdrawal wallet),

and also, at the request of the regulator, other information (an exchange, a state institution or another organization with appropriate legal grounds can act as a regulator).


3. To return digital assets to only those details from which the transfer was made (according to the information in the transaction hash).
If the funds were sent from several wallets, the refund will be made to one of them.


4. Request from the user other materials and documents related to this situation.


5. Interaction with state bodies in cases established by law. If an official request is received from law enforcement or judicial authorities, the Service will be obliged to provide the requested information. Also, the service Administration has the right to provide the data requested by the official representatives of payment systems.


6. To refuse the User to withdraw funds to the account of third parties without explanation.
  Refuse the User to withdraw funds to an account that also has tags Dark Market - High Risk. The  return of Funds on such an application will be carried out at the expense of the User


7. The refund will be processed by the Service within 7 (seven) calendar days, starting from the date when the User was notified of the Service's decision on the refund, minus a commission not exceeding the total cost of labor for processing the application and organizing a refund.


8. If the User refuses to pass the verification, provided there is no request from the competent authorities for the transaction, the service will return the funds to the source of receipt within 7 (seven) calendar days, minus a commission not exceeding the total cost of labor costs for processing the application and organizing a refund.


9. Not to disclose information about the methods and results of verification.

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Transfer was done fast and good, so very good!
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Первый раз выводил здесь деньги. Все отлично-отличный курс, моментально пришли. Единственно, что минимальная сумма большая. Хотелось бы уменьшить раза в три.
Реально. Быстро. Четко . Без проблем ! Благодарю .
Круто, быстро, все обменялось,молодцы!!!
Nice service but one mistake don't have received email confirmation
Спасибо за быстрый обмен!

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